Urgensi Filologi dalam Penyebaran Islam dan Bahasa Arab

  • Nurul Fahmi Institut Pesantren Sunan Drajat Lamongan


Abstract: Philology is a knowledge which discuss about the ancient text’s in form of spoken and written, both of hand or print writing. This article is a library research which will extend about philology in Islamic expansion and Arabic language. The researcher takes two sample cases at Marah Labib ( al-Tafsir al-Munir ) book written by Syekh Nawawi and the story of Syekh Ihsan with his masterpiece, Siraj al-Talibin. Without a philology research, so the problem in two sample cases mentioned will continue in a long time.
Keywords: Filologi, Islam, ArabicLanguage.


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Fahmi, N. (2017). Urgensi Filologi dalam Penyebaran Islam dan Bahasa Arab. Proceedings of Annual Conference for Muslim Scholars, (Seri 2), 969-978. https://doi.org/10.36835/ancoms.v0iSeri 2.98