Etnohermeneutika Ki Hajar Dewantara tentang Nalar Islam Nusantara

  • Chafid Wahyudi Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Al Fithrah Surabaya


The lack of wholeness in photographing Ki Hajar Dewantara put historicity as part of “Muslim Kejawen†and syncretic. A kind of conclusion can’t be separated from the production of knowledge anthropologists. This Conclusion is their attempt to make sense of the phenomenon of Islamic religious culture Java limited factual observations. Instead, the intersection itself with the universe to deliver Ki Hajar Dewantara reflect Sufi epistemology. Not stopping there and lived Islam impregnated for later conceptualized by Ki Hajar Dewantara not be separated from the acceptance of the culture. Methodological conceptualization of Islam Ki Hajar Dewantara is the actualization of methodological etnohermeneutis, which interprets religion (read: the word of God) in ways that are best understood from the Weltanschauung (world view) community recipients.
Keywords: Sufism, Culture, Islam, Etnohermeneutics.


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Wahyudi, C. (2017). Etnohermeneutika Ki Hajar Dewantara tentang Nalar Islam Nusantara. Proceedings of Annual Conference for Muslim Scholars, (Seri 1), 475-485. 1.49