• Siti Nur Indah Rofiqoh IAI Qomaruddin Gresik
  • Ririn Tri Ratnasari IAI Qomaruddin Gresik
  • Nilna Fadlillah IAI Qomaruddin Gresik


This paper undertakes a survey of the case studies and literature review on cash waqf. The aim is to provide an understanding of the issues, challenges, and potential opportunities for developing cash waqf by SWOT-LISA analysis. Our survey reveals that three is a need to: (a) focus on new development program, including riil market sector, (b) establish the cash waqf statistical datasets, and (c) establish the robustness of the cash waqf finding. Keywords: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities, and Developing Cash Waqf


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Siti Nur Indah Rofiqoh, IAI Qomaruddin Gresik
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